Village of Fontebussi, Arezzo, 2008

  • project team: AndrĂ© Benaim
  • strip_color1: #d6c2a9
  • strip_color2: #976b50
  • strip_color3: #7b4d02
  • Titolo esteso: Borgo di Fontebussi, Cavriglia (AR), 2008, 1.000 mq

On the first hills of Chianti going up from the Valdarno is the village of Fontebussi, a small town entirely dedicated to tourist accommodation. The intervention was linked to catering with the creation of a new space to host conventions and weddings, equipped with halls and kitchens. The area chosen for the new construction was located at the far end of the town, a green slope, completely to be redesigned, surmounted by a village of small stone houses, one leaning against the other. In such a delicate context, action was taken using the underground space to create a building that is "not seen", transforming the steep slope into green terraces supported by local stone walls. The first terrace, at the base of the slope is the most important, lightened with brick arches to recall the traditional lemon houses, conceals the hall and the kitchens. The roof of the new building is enriched by a vegetable garden with wooden caissons and stone walls and with walkways that are perfectly connected with the trend of the pre-existing dry-stone walls that accompany the path to the town.