Manetti Bridge, 2010

  • project team: André Benaim, Fabio Azzato
  • strip_color1: #9c2022
  • strip_color2: #bebba8
  • strip_color3: #817161
  • Titolo esteso: Ponte ciclo-pedonale nella sede del “Ponte Leopoldo II”, Prato, 2010

with Aei progetti

A light bridge, as light as possible, a sign, a passage between two  needle‘s eyes, the mending of a path and the revitalization of a forgotten architecture, these are the motivations leading to the project. Coming from the Medici villa, the two portals become entrance gates towards the park of the Tavola farmhouses, as well as access to the villa of Poggio a Caiano, coming from the farm. The wooden bridge supported by cables by architect Manetti becomes a linear structure in reinforced concrete, a clear geometric sign that contrasts well with the geometric sign of the timeworn  remaining bridge pylons, a shape contrasting with the many lines of the previous bridge. The reinforced concrete structure becomes a colourful sign that crosses the two large arches coming from the banks of the Ombrone on which they land.